Membership perks:
  • As a member of Epsilon, you are entitled to join the association's board
  • By joining Epsilon ry, you have the right to also join SOOL ry (the teacher student union of Finland)
  • Privilege to attend events organized by Epsilon
  • Trusteeship on matters regarding studies
  • You can attend Epsilon's weekly floorball games
  • Lifetime membership
How to become a member:

1. Fill the form:

2. Pay the membership fee and save the receipt:

Account number: FI50 8000 1001 4806 32

Recipient: Epsilon ry

Message: Your name, membership fee

Fee: 20€

3. Take the receipt to the student lounge during one of Epsilon's organized coffee breaks:

We will confirm your membership and add you to our membership register. You will also get a cool little sticker for your student ID card.

Location of the student lounge can be found here.

If your contact information changes, please fill out this form here. Through the same form you can also resign your membership.

Epsilon's email list

By joining Epsilon's email list, you will get up to date information about events and other things regarding our members, for example job offers, faculty information and such.

The email list is our primary information channel, alongside Facebook. The email list is regulated by our board members, so you need not fear excessive spam. You can also unsubscribe from the list at any time. By joining the email list, you accept the terms listed in the email list privacy policy.

How to join:

1. Read the privacy policy of the email list, found here

2. Go the the epsilon-info website: link

3. Fill in your information:

  • You don't necessarily need to pick a password. If you leave that field empty, you will get an automatically generated password to your email.
  • After filling in your information, click the "subscribe" button. You should get a confirmation email to the address you provided. Check you spam forder, in case the message has been filed there. 

The privacy policies mentioned on the left there can be found here.