GDPR reform


Once again summer is over and the time of autumn is upon us (even if the weather does not quite agree). A sure sign of this is the awakening of Epsilon’s information channels, oh my!

First, we would like to address the General Data Protection Regulation (henceforth referred to as GDPR), which came to be on 25.5. This reform caused quite a few changes to Epsilon’s inner workings. Our own data protection reform begun with getting Epsilon its own UEF O365 account. We have previously used Google’s equivalent tool kit, but their servers are mainly located outside of the EU, and GDPR generally prohibits storing personal data on such servers.

We have also moved our membership register to Epsilon’s UEF OneDrive. At the same time we removed some useless data from the register, and in the future will only gather from our members their name, place of residence, starting year in UEF, major and email address. Finland’s association law requires every registered association to keep a membership register, to which is recorded each member’s full name and place of recidence. As our previous membership register did not have a record of our members’ places of recidence, we would like our registered members to now fill out a form that updates their information: said form can be found here

You can take a closer look at our data protection by reading our privacy policies here: In addition to the one for our membership register, you can also find privacy policies for our email list and event registrations.

If you have any questions about Epsilon’s data protection policies, please send an email to Sorry for this dry and serious essay, but the subject at hand would resist any attempt to make it easier to read, let alone “fun”.

Have a great autumn, and see you at our events!

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Events by Epsilon:

20.9 Fuksiaiset
20.9. Thirsty Thursday 
26.9 Epsilonin ja Bunsenin fuksisitsit
29.-30.9 Syysretki
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26.9. Overall Party
12.10 Ueflife // Bepop Joensuu
17.10 See You On The Other Side
9.-11.11 Fysikerfest


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