Sound system

You can rent a sound system from Epsilon, the price being 60€/24h (the final price depends on the overall time rented, and is somewhat negotiable).

The system includes:

  • Stanton 404 mixer
  • Denon 2500-F dual disc DJ-CD player
  • t.amp TA600 amplifier (CD player and amplifier are stacked in the brown box)
  • 2 Wharfedale EVP15 Pro speakers, with stands and the cables required
  • microphone

If you wish to rent our sound system or would like to get more information about it, email

Kyykkä set

Kyykkä or "Finnish skittles" is a game in which you throw big pieces of wood at little pieces of wood: what fun! TEK has given Epsilon a set of the pieces of wood needed for the game, including four skittle bats (karttu) and 100 skittles (kyykkä). If you wish to borrow the set, send an email to